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Thanks for visiting my website. I am a self taught Liverpool Artist working solely in oil paintings. My work can be separated into figurative illustrations, palette knife contemporary pieces and schematic landscapes. When developing private commissions I pride myself in working with clients to capture their memories and create personal works of art that connect people to special moments in time or life events that remain ever important to them.

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Who is Steve Randall

Born in Walton in 1968 my move into the creative world came late in life. Triggered by my wife’s diagnosis with a terminal illness, we reset our lives. Inspired by Canan, I embarked on a path that has led me to exhibit in Liverpool and Kirkby with exciting developments planned for 2022/23. At the same time we have raised thousands for charity in the process.

My influences are Hopper, Ryden, Lowry and all manner of religious art. I like to inject humour and style references as I create a narrative in all my work and the testimonials from clients are a strong indication that I am very successful at delivering unique pieces.

My artistic development was influenced greatly by my own family. With my Grandfather being a shipwright and wrought iron sculptor and my mother an amateur cartoonist, I was exposed to art in various forms from a very young age. That deep personal connection is the reason so much of my work stems from childhood experiences.

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A Change in Direction 2023 – Accentuate the Positive